Timisoara Arts Museum

The Museum is hosted by the Baroque Palace, one of Timişoara’s key buildings, built in Baroque style in the second half of the eighteenth century in the city’s Main Square (now Unirii Square). The exterior decorative motifs betray a close Viennese lineage, being remarkable similar to Kinsky Palace.

The building, being in an important restoration process, was restored to the public in 2006, once with the establishment of the Timişoara Art Museum.

The history of the art collection is directly intertwined with the beginnings of the Banat Museum, founded in 1872. The heritage was established in the second half of the nineteenth century, when Ormós Zsigmond, a collector and art historian, donated his entire collection to the community. Supplemented by acquisitions and donations, nowadays the heritage comprises more than 8,000 objects: painting, sculpture, decorative art and graphics.

One of the main exhibitions is the collection of painter Corneliu Baba, with over 80 works signed by master from various periods his artistic creation. Timişoara’s artistic trends of the 1960s to 1980s can be found in the Collection of Contemporary Art, with exhibits from the works of the 111 and Sigma groups (C. Flondor, S. Bertalan, P. Cotoşman), of the sculptors P.Neagu or P. Jecza, or of the painters J. Podlipny, C. Radovan and others. The Decorative art collection includes many artifacts of the nineteenth century, particularly from the Banat; by their stylistic diversity they reflect local tastes and cultural horizons having a great documentary value. The European Painting Gallery has its core in the Ormós collection and comprises primarily works of European artists of the sixteenth to twentieth century.

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