Narcisus Poeticus - Bătești

The Batesti  Daffodil Meadow is a protected area of national interest, corresponding to categoty IV IUCN ( natural reservation of botanical type).

The Batesti  Daffodil Meadow protected area streching over 20 hectares, is situated in the north-east of Timis County, in the northern territorial area of the Batesti village, administrative territory of the town Faget, on the right side of the national road (DN68A) which connects the town Faget to the locality Margina.  It was declared national reservation for the protected species Narcissus poeticus, which grows in the vicinity of  irises of the species Iris sibirica. Daffodils have a special feature: if they are cut, they dry in maximum 24 hours, and the bulbs transplanted anywhere else than here will not grow roots.


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Bătești, Județ Timiș