Murani Marsh

In Muran Marshes Reservation protected area a significant number of bird species strictly protected by international conventions were identified. Protected area is limited to the eastern part by the Pişchia forest, whose protection is needed because many species of birds of prey that feed on within the reservation have the forest as a place of refuge and/or nesting. Of these species, we mention the following : Haliaetus albicilla - White-tailed , Pandion haliaetus – fish hawk, Falco subbuteo - hobby, Falco tinnunculus – common kestrel, Falco vespertinus - Red-footed Falcon, Falco columbarius - Winter falcon, Falco peregrinus - peregrine falcon, Pernis apivorus - Honey Buzzard, Milvus migrans - black kite, Milvus Milvus - red kite, Circaetus gallicus - toed eagle, Aquila heliaca - Imperial Eagle, Aquila pomarina - Lesser Spotted Eagle, Buteo buteo - common buzzard, Buteo lagopus – rough legged buzzard, Accipiter nisus – northern sparrowhawk, Accipiter gentilis - northern goshawk .

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